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The future of farming is here

Want a front row seat?

Request early access for your chance to be part of a select group.

HitchPin connects Farmers who need services or products.

To others that can provide them.

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Decrease the cost of farming.

Hire services cheaper than owning the equipment.

Increase Revenue


Provide Services in your area


Save Time

Find what you need in minutes.

HitchPin on an Iphone
HitchPin on an Iphone

Get Paid Faster

Direct deposits directly into your account with escrowed payments.

More Reliable

Know real time availabiltiy, schedule times, and reputation scores.

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Pay it forward with partners

Kansas Farm Bureau Partner

HitchPin is dedicated to the success of current farmers and the next generation.

We are partnering with top organizations that have the same goals.

HitchPin will donate a percentage of each transaction affiliated with the members of these groups or provide discounts.